5 Tips on How to Choose the Right Social Media Influencer for Your Brand

In the current digital marketing scene, storytellers command the attention of the audience online, as people want to be swept away by a good story. They don’t care if the story is short or long. All that matters is that it should be interesting. Social media influencers are among the best storytellers. What’s more? They have a dedicated fanbase on social media that watches and follows everything they say, do and, most importantly, what they promote and support.

Digital marketing agencies have noticed the potential social media influencers hold concerning lead generation and often approach them to represent their clients.

So, how do you decide which social media influencer to approach for your influencer marketing campaign?


Don’t worry! You’ll be fine as long as you follow these five tips when choosing a social media influencer.



1. Identify your target market:

The popularity of an influencer is not universal. Translation? Their influence is not widespread. Does this mean that all is lost? No. All you have to do is conduct a market analysis, figure out your target market and audience and choose the social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) and influencer who can best convey your message.


2. Determine your goal:


What is your end game? Are you looking to increase your engagement, sales, brand exposure or do all of them? It is crucial to determine your objective before choosing a social media influencer so that all parties know their roles and the progress of the influencer marketing campaign can be measured.


3. Study the social media influencer’s background:


Recently, many celebrities and popular figures have stirred up controversies over their past and present comments, content etc. Before you choose a social media influencer for affiliate marketing, go through their content, find out what they stand for, and make sure that nothing from their past will become an embarrassment for your brand in the future. You can use online tools to help you identify influencers who match your target market and audience.


4. Pick micro-influencers:


TRIBE, a collective of micro-influencers, defines this type of influencer as having over 3,000 followers on their social media accounts dedicated to a particular passion or niche. According to CMS Wire, micro-influencers are those with followers between 1,000 and 100,000 and are considered industry experts. Markerly, in their 2016 study, found that influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers have a higher like rate (8%) compared to those with 1,000 to 10,000 followers (4%) and 1 million to 10 million followers (1.6%). Approaching micro-influencers can not only earn their loyalty for supporting them but can also get you great organic engagement. Of course, you can always choose a macro-influencer if it suits your brand.


5. Find influencers who create entertaining content:


Not all social media influencers create captivating and entertaining content, even if they seem to have millions of followers. The truth may be that most of those followers are idle or inactive. Amusing content is what attracts an audience. If you are looking for engagement, you will want to partner with an influencer who has good content marketing skills. Entertaining content generates engagement across all social networking sites, and if an influencer is genuinely and actively engaged with their audience, then the organic engagement is likely to grow. You have a great chance of increasing your brand awareness if you choose a creative influencer for affiliate marketing.


By the end of 2020, the number of global users on Instagram crossed the 1 billion mark, and a study found that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business. It is easy to see why social media marketing has become a huge part of digital marketing strategies and brand management.



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