5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs Brand Positioning

We’ve all heard terms like branding and brand positioning, but are these things that you should follow, or are they more suitable to big brands of the world like Apple and Nike?


Well, if your answer to the question “Do you want your brand to be readily distinguishable from your competition in the market?” is yes, then you really should give branding and brand positioning serious consideration.


We have already covered the concept of branding and its importance on our blog, so we will now take a look at what brand positioning is and why every business should practice the same.


What is Brand Positioning?


Brand positioning is a marketing strategy aimed at making a brand occupy a distinct position in the minds of the consumers compared to the competitions’ brands. Simply put, brand positioning is the marketing strategy adopted by businesses to position their brand in a way that will create a unique impression in people’s minds.


This is achieved by companies either by emphasizing their brand’s distinguishing features or by creating a suitable image or impression through advertising. You can consider brand positioning effective when the superiority of certain distinguishing factors valued by the customers, are emphasized.


In the digital marketing sense, paid media marketing or paid marketing is when marketers pay social media platforms to drive online traffic. Here, marketers are paying for results, meaning that their focus is on getting a solid return on investment at a faster rate, when compared to organic marketing, by way of converting viewers into customers and meeting sales targets within a fixed period.


So why is brand positioning important?


Believe it or not, brands are positioned even when no efforts. Customers make decisions and form opinions about brands all on their own, either through experience or word of mouth, and sometimes it doesn’t even matter if they are exposed to your brand messaging.


What’s more? Once an impression has been made about your brand, brand repositioning is almost impossible. The only way to prevent customers from getting the wrong impression about you is by being proactive and positioning your brand in the way you want.


Here are 5 reasons why brand positioning should be done by every company, no matter how big or small.


1. Market differentiation is possible with brand positioning: You can stand out from the crowd with brand positioning, as it allows you to define your brand. Through this process, you can also understand what is at the core of your business, enabling you to build a promotion strategy for your brand and products. You can decide how to communicate your brand to the consumers and through which channels. Brand positioning is even more valuable when you are in a niche market.


2. With brand positioning, you can cut through the noise: Today, competition is so high that everyone is constantly bombarded with marketing and sales messages on every platform. Among all this clutter and noise, proper brand positioning can help you reach your target audience efficiently and effectively. With an effective brand positioning strategy, you can communicate directly with your target audience instead of wasting time and effort loudly sharing your brand messaging with people who are likely to not care about you or your brand.


3. Brand positioning makes it easier for customers to pick you: People today are always in a hurry and prefer to not spend too much time comparing tens of alternatives to make the right purchase decision. Customers want to be able to easily figure out whom to trust and what to buy. Brand positioning can help you consciously and subconsciously trigger an emotional response in your target audience, increasing the likelihood of them choosing your brand. Today’s customers are actively looking to genuinely connect with brands that share the same values as them. If they understand you and your brand and connect with you on an emotional level, there is a greater chance for you to convince them to choose you over your competition.


4. With brand positioning, you can amplify your brand messaging: One of the main parts of brand positioning is making sure that others can identify your brand’s image and ideas. These are conveyed through mission statements, vision statements, taglines or slogans attached to the brand’s official logo. Without having a clear idea of your brand position in the product market, it is close to impossible for you to take your marketing efforts in the right direction or to even effectively communicate with your target audience. Through brand positioning, you can understand your brand’s uniqueness and develop a meaningful narrative.


5. Brand Positioning helps you justify pricing strategies: With brand positioning, you can establish your brand’s quality and class, allowing you to justify your pricing strategy. Through brand positioning, you will be able to identify and compare yourself with your competition. You can also showcase factors like quality and class to justify in the minds of the customers the price that you have fixed for your brand’s products.


Brand positioning ultimately is an important part of a marketing strategy that allows you to identify where you are in the product market.

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