6 Signs You Desperately Need a Digital Marketing Agency

The digital sphere has become a battlefield for brands vying for the attention of their target markets. While many companies have an in-house digital marketing team to handle their marketing strategy, others either don’t have the resources or budget to do the same. Some other companies manage their social media accounts all by themselves, but they don’t understand that digital marketing is not only about posting content on Facebook and Instagram. Here is where hiring a digital marketing agency can make a difference.


Now, how do you know if you need to hire digital marketing services?


Digital marketing is cheaper and more effective when compared to traditional marketing, considering how many people spend time online these days. However, it is a deeply nuanced and complicated field, and not everyone fully understands how to make it work in their favour. If you see any of the following signs, then it means that you need to hire a digital marketing agency.



1.     You are doing EVERYTHING:

A 2017 Salesforce study found that 66% of small and mid-sized business owners are personally responsible for three or more areas like operations, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, customer service, IT, product development etc. If you find yourself doing everything from meeting clients/customers to branding, market research, promotions, social media, email marketing, content marketing, website updates, and online marketing, you most certainly don’t have the time to optimise your pay per click (PPC) campaign or finalise your social media calendar. A digital marketing agency can take care of all of this and more, allowing you to focus on your business and growth.



2.     Your competitors are dominating the online marketing game:

If your competitor is making social media posts and ads on the latest industry trends, has a swanky-looking and updated website and sends out regular well-written emails and all you are doing is posting mundane content on Facebook and Instagram, it can be a harsh reminder of how far behind the times you are. When your social media marketing game is not as strong as that of your competitors, you stand a good chance of losing potential business to them. Look for the best digital marketing company to help you create brand awareness, conduct market analysis, study consumer behaviour, stay on top of the latest trends, create the best social media strategy, and drive that sweet, sweet traffic that can be used for lead generation.



3.     You have a small budget for marketing:

If you are under the impression that hiring a digital marketing agency will be expensive, you couldn’t be more wrong. Companies often have a small budget for marketing either because of limited profits or because the management is unwilling to invest in marketing efforts. In this case, working with top digital marketing companies will help you save money that would otherwise go towards hiring someone and training them. You will also gain access to professionals who have the information and expertise to formulate digital marketing strategies fast. Many of the best digital marketing agencies also allow you to pick and choose digital marketing services to suit the size of your business. You can opt for more online marketing services as and when your business grows.



4.     Your website is seriously outdated:

When was your website last updated? In the digital world, your company website serves as the face of your brand. The website is where customers find out more about you and your product/service and contact you. The website also helps customers decide whether they can put their trust in you or not. Today, having an outdated website is just as bad as having no website at all. An ideal website is neat, pleasing to the eyes, responsive on both desktop and mobile, fast, informative, SEO-optimised, easy to navigate and has a clear conversion path. SEO in digital marketing in the name of the game and having an updated website will also help your SEO ranking as Google search engine tends to favour user-friendly and informative websites. Among the digital marketing agency services are web development, optimisation and blogging. Go with the top digital marketing agencies for a good-looking website that will represent your brand for what it is today, drive up traffic and result in lead generation.



5.     Your sales and leads have stagnated:

Have your sales and leads become stagnant? Are you out of ideas on how to increase the numbers? Sales often stagnate when businesses are unable to see things from the point of view of the customers. A digital marketing agency can help you gain a fresh perspective and develop a sound inbound marketing strategy to reach customers online. Top digital marketing agencies can help you create content that your target market wants to see and when they want to see it.



6.     You have no idea how to track and analyse digital marketing metrics:

Without tracking various marketing metrics and analysing the same, figuring out if what you are doing works or not will be almost impossible. You need to track, test and analyse various metrics, which can be extracted with the help of various digital marketing tools, to identify areas that are doing well and those that need improvement. If you already have too much on your plate, a digital marketing agency could take the burden off your shoulders and do the work for you as they have the resources and the expertise to get the job done.


Giving complete control of your online marketing to a digital marketing agency might be difficult and scary, but the advantages of hiring professionals outweigh the negatives. Before selecting a digital marketing agency to partner with, be sure to do your research by checking various digital marketing websites and finding out all the best marketing agencies to get the best results.


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