Brand Wheel – A Master Guide

What is the first thing that matters when you meet someone for the first time? Yes – who they are? The same goes for your brand. And a Brand Wheel or Brand Essence Wheel is that identity or first impression that connects you to your customers.

In other words, it is defining your brand with the lens of the values and morals you offer to the customer. And a customer doesn’t buy a product. He/she buys a brand. Indeed, that’s where the concept of Brand Wheel comes handy.

What is the Brand Essence Wheel?

Brand Wheel is a templated approach or branding exercise to understand and define your brand. It is the core of your business identity. Besides, it is expressed in the terms of its basic characteristics that are divided as certain elements of your brand.

To craft a brand wheel, it is crucial to cover the five essential aspects of any brand. This includes – Attributes, Benefits, Values, Personality, and Essence of the organization. Thus, overall, a brand essence wheel covers the essence of your brand, i.e., the most crucial things that you bring on the table.

Why is the Brand Wheel Important?

In brief, a brand wheel gives clarity about your business identity. And all other aspects of your brand depends upon on this crux. Of course, this offers so many benefits to the brand. Some of these include –

1.      The consumer market focuses on ’emotion’ rather than a product. Hence, they go for the psychological and emotional benefits that you provide to your customers. And your brand wheel defines this for you.

2.      It differentiates your brand from the rest. Thus, addresses how you stand out from the competition.

3.      It gives clarity to the organization’s future goals and missions.

4.      This is the crux on which the overall framework of the company depends. So, for every new step of the company, it’s nexus to the brand wheel is to be repeated.

5.      It gives way to brand trust and customer loyalty.

So crafting a brand wheel is undoubtedly an essential step for your brand. Now, let’s dive into the elements of a brand wheel.

Elements of Brand Wheel

1.      OUTER RING

It consists of the external characteristics of your brand. Thus, the outer ring of the wheel focuses on brand recognition and identity to your customers. It covers – Brand Attributes and Benefits that you offer to your customers. Of course, these are the very first things that your customer come across in your brand.


This includes the greater depth of your brand identity. Like, what makes your brand recognizable and stand out from others. Your brand logo, tagline, etc. depends upon it. This includes your Brand Personality and Brand Values.

3.      INNER RING

It is the core of your brand thought process. That is the central promise or idea that you to your customers. It covers the main purpose of your brand or product. In short, what exactly you offer. Now, this can be expressed in terms of your brand line or slogan. The one which is catchy and repeated every time one thinks about your organization. This is the brand loyalty and purpose it serves.


Your Turn

It is clear that a Brand Essence Wheel is critical to your or organization. And even more critical is to present it in an effective way because the brand’s almost all other aspects depend upon it. So, it will be a wise decision to craft your brand essence wheel as soon as possible. You can do this yourself. Or else, you can go for the expert help of Chaipani to create a crisp, clear, and really effective brand essence wheel in the most convenient way possible. Just make your move now in the favour of your brand!

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