Is Account-Based the Future of B2B

B2B marketing is no longer what it used to be. From churning out brochures and prepping to trade shows, marketing departments in B2B businesses have evolved significantly over the years from generating top of the funnel leads to nurturing and even pushing these leads to conversions. A common term that comes up whenever someone talks about B2B marketing is Account based (ABM). It has completely transformed the way we think about B2B businesses. 

With the infusion of new technologies such as AI and Machine learning, ABM has completely transformed how leads are identified and even targeted with the utmost focus and precision that’s unheard of.

Why should you be interested?

As of today, over 70% of the businesses globally focus on ABM to some extent. In the digital era, we are constantly surrounded by devices, it’s no different with businesses too. Smart devices, phones, social media, all of these avenues are constantly developing behavior models making it easier than ever to target the right user profile. In simple terms, ABM allows you to reach the decision makers without dealing with anyone in between. 

Align your interests. Align your teams

Another  reason why most businesses are attracted towards ABM is its innate ability to align the entire organization towards a common goal. From identifying various accounts to developing strategies and even planning specific content to cater to the key accounts a good number of departments have to share information and work together to achieve it. Working in this manner not only drives actionable marketing insight but also brings the whole team together; improving efficiency and productivity. 

Personalized customer touchpoints

One of the perks that you can derive from ABM is the ability to cater to your customers in the most personalized manner. This can be further extended to post acquisition customer services too. As a result, ABM can be used not just to find customers but also to better service them leading to repeat business, satisfied customers and increased referrals. Everyone knows that nothing works better than word of mouth and ABM can definitely extend itself indirectly to turning your customers to brand advocates.

It’s easier to track

Digital marketing has picked up pace in recent years because it provides businesses with the ability to track their leads all the way to conversion and even beyond. However, with a broad target audience, it can at times get difficult to understand the touchpoints where customers might have dropped off, making optimization a bit challenging. As a result, you might be spending on ineffective strategies without even realizing it. ABM completely flips this over, with razor focussed precision in targeting comes the exact same precision towards targeting your leads. You will know exactly when and where your leads moved on to the next stage of your marketing funnel. It gets incredibly easy to know how your targets are interacting and engaging with your content.

In essence, the current marketing scenario is not at all about driving traffic, it’s about driving targeted and relevant traffic and ABM allows you to do this and efficiently

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