Not judging a book by its cover is the old phrase now. Today, people judge your brand by its brand identity and this is the thing you need to accept as a company. Basically, brand identity is one of the first things that your consumer will remember. And the brand colour is a crucial part of it.


So, first of all, let’s understand the concept of Brand Colour.


What is a Brand Colour?


Brand colour can be understood as the colour or colours that portrays a brand and are an essential part of the brand identity of that organisation. This is based on the fact that every colour has its own psychological effects on our conscious and subconscious mind. This effect is nothing but the feeling or emotion that is associated with a colour. And when connected with a brand, this brand colour functions to provide the same emotional sphere in respect to the brand’s identity.


For example, have you noticed that Facebook, HP, Twitter, and Walmart – all have Blue colour? Similarly, Coca Cola, Legos, and Red Bull have Red colour. Do these two groups give two different vibes? While the blue group gives a calm, trusted, strong vibes, the red group impacts energy, boldness, and excitement. This is the concept of Brand Colour.


Now, let’s see –


How is the Brand Colour Important for your Brand?


Well, emotions are a crucial decision-maker in our lives. And colour plays a very important role in effecting these emotions of ours. Thus, our drive to make a decision is much dependent upon the colours we associate a brand with.


In other words, colour theorists explain that Colours entice our emotions and feelings. Just the way we respond to certain things in a more cold or warm way, similarly, we respond to the brand colours in different ways. Thus, as the colour theory suggests, choosing your brand colours in accordance with brand personality and your expected brand identity is crucial. It –


  1. Cleary conveys your brand message without words.

  2. It helps to design your web presence, pages, product design, etc.

  3. It connects your consumer with your brand emotionally.

Now, the question is –


How to Choose the Right Brand Colour or Colours for your Brand?


You can easily choose your brand in four simple and easy steps. So, what you have to do is:

  1. Have a clear idea of your brand personality. That is, who you are? What are your goals? What is the message of your character that you want to portray via your brand colour?

  2. Decide if you want to make it monochromatic or heterochromatic. Apple made it monochromatic with a grey shade. This made it stand for luxury and class. Also, Apple gives the vibe that it is not for everyone but for a classy few. While Google is the brand that chose to change everything. This is why they chose to heterochromatic in their brand identity. Of course, it suits well with their culture.

  3. Choose the Core Brand Colour. It should be as per your brand identity.

  4. Complete with the right colour scheme. This is crucial. Thus, having a clear insight into your brand will help you in recreating the perfect shed for your brand. Like, Google has Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

That’s all. This quick guide covers all the important aspects of a brand colour. Now, it’s your turn. Thus, find the right brand colours and ensure you have a right move forward for your company. If unsure about it, Chaipani can help you! All you need is to send your word now.

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