What’s New in the Digital Marketing Sphere in 2021?

The year 2020 was a rollercoaster of sorts, where brands and their marketers were clutching at straws in order to survive the course of unpredictable events. Digital marketing turned out to be the gift that kept on giving, where companies were able to thrive despite the trying times, and also managed to grow exponentially. For brands and businesses that had to take the dire steps of almost shutting down, digital marketing was the popular alternative that allowed them to continue ruling the roost in their customers’ minds. While a few pre-pandemic trend predictions came true, the others didn’t see the light of day. However, a multitude of forced adaptations of these trends have resurfaced. Let’s take a quick look at the marketing trends that are expected to permeate the digital marketing sphere in 2021. 

AI Trend

Various businesses and brands are implementing the use of artificial intelligence in their daily marketing and business processes. This digital marketing trend is here to stay, where you can utilise it to initiate and develop communications with customers, analyse necessary data, predict client behaviours, track operations, and more. with reduced manual work, using AI is proven to improve customer satisfaction, along with predicting customer expectations. 

Video Advertising

App developers have improved the features to an extent where it is much easier to create and sustain customer loyalty, while reducing the necessity to navigate between multiple applications. LinkedIn stories, Instagram reels and more are glaring examples where users/customers get hooked. This makes it the ideal option for digital marketers to introduce their services and products, while generating a renewed interest. Solving the dual conundrum of customer engagement and providing constant information, this digital marketing tend allowed for more information to be dissipated in a short span of time. Video advertising is more efficient than other ad formats, where it provides a better explanation of the service or product, while creating a higher recall value. 

Virtual Events

What started out as a necessity during the pandemic has now developed into a much enhanced tool for digital marketers. Businesses and brands are now planning for a calendar of virtual events that also helps with the continued safety of the costumers and staff. By stepping into the world of virtual events, businesses have now understood that this medium of engagement has opened up access to new audiences. These virtual events are more accessible than the events that required in-person interaction. The issues relating to visa issues, costs, travel restrictions and more are no longer a cause for concern, which also allows for a higher percentage in attendance at the event. To put it simple, lower costs but higher customer participation and interaction. It also poses as a medium for marketers to get as creative as possible in order to enthral the audience while maximising on the benefits of constant engagement. 

Customer Segmentation

A recently popular trend that is going to be a part of the digital marketing strategy this year is customer segmentation. What is it you ask? Well, marketers have been focussing on a few number of large-scale campaigns that targets the general population. In 2021, what they aim to do is to have multiple small campaigns that target specific demographics. By introducing customer segmentation in your digital marketing strategy, you can group the audience that you cater to on the basis of specific behaviours, buying patterns and consumption traits. This also aids in tailoring the content that you put out as part of your marketing campaign, to suit the needs and preferences of your target population. For instance, it is ideal to design two email campaigns for your customers on the basis of their spending traits. Each email can feature products or services that cater to the needs of the average spender and to the big spender. 

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